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Great Ideas

52 episodes, 1956-1957, KGO-TV (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"'The Great Ideas' is a series devoted to discussions on the “basic ideas fundamental to man’s everyday life.” There are programs on government, philosophy, law and labor. Adler, noted philosopher and teacher, discusses these problems in an informal, nontechnical style. He makes extensive use of visual materials and a blackboard to illustrate his points. At the conclusion of each program Adler answers questions sent in by the audience. Originally broadcast over KGO-TV, San Francisco, the series drew a heavy listener response. Appearing with Adler on the series is Dean Lloyd Luckman, coordinator of studies at San Francisco City College.  In the final thirteen programs, Dr. Adler discusses punishment, justice, language, democracy, progress, beauty, war and peace, change, emotion, truth, freedom, good and evil, and God."