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Focus on behavior

10 episodes, 1963, Mayer-Skylar Productions


"This series presents current research in experimental psychology which reveals significant concepts, methods and new advances in the scientific study of behavior. Each program is a filmed visit to the laboratories of distinguished men and women, experimental psychologists involved in this study. These films provide the viewer with a deeper understanding of the nature of basic research. They were designed to develop public appreciation of psychology as the scientific study of behavior, to stimulate interest among high-school students who might wish to pursue the study of psychology on a college level, to create an instructional resource that will contribute to the improved teaching of psychology in college, and to stimulate interest among students in psychology as a career.

Focus on Behavior affords audiences an opportunity to look over the shoulder of the scientists at work. Produced under the auspices of the American Psychological Association, the series was made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation. While the series as a whole presents a broad view of the role of experimental psychology, each program is compete in itself. The series was filmed on location at leading U.S. universities, two hospitals, and an Air Force Base. The actors were the psychologists and other actual participants in the experiments. The “sets” were the actual laboratories or other places where the experiments were in progress."