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Doctors in space

13 episodes, 1958, KUHT (Houston)

From WNET:

"This timely series explores what is now known about flight into space and resultant medical problems and includes the latest scientific developments in space medicine.  Much stock footage from US Air Force films is included, and experts in missile development and space medicine appear on the programs.  (Biographical information of the special guests is included in the description of each individual programs.)  The basic aim of the series is to inform the public about the advances made in space flight, the problems encountered there, and the medical research going on to enable man to fly in space.  In this age of dog-bearing satellites, National Educational Television viewers will be interested to learn of the possibilities of trips by human beings into outer space.  Produced by KUHT, Houston in co-operation with the US Armed Forces, “Doctors in Space” has been cleared by the Department of Defense."