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Books and ideas

20 episodes, 1956, Syracuse University

From WNET: 

"This series features three professors from Syracuse University – men who love books and enjoy exploring the ideas behind man’s creative processes – in an informal, ad lib discussion of books, contemporary and ancient, which have influenced American culture or western civilization.  Titles which come under discussion range from William Faulkner’s “The Big Woods” to “The Book of Ecclesiastes” from the Bible.  Participants who gather weekly in the Syracuse Library for this meaty, literary feast include Stuart Gerry Brown, professor of citizenship and American culture in the Maxwell graduate school at Syracuse; Edwin H. Cady, professor of American literature and author of “The Gentleman in America,” and Albert J. George, professor and chairman of the department of Romance Languages.  Discussion moderator is Arthur Weld, Jr., television program director at the Syracuse Radio and Television Center."