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Basic issues of man

12 episodes, 1960-1963, WGTV (Atlanta)

From WNET:

"The series introduces the basic liberal arts studies and the basic issues with which they deal. The basic issues with which man deals are real, and the humanistic studies impinge on modern man’s own actions and attitudes. Each film will point out the historical humanistic literature which deals with the modern problem. This series identifies and illuminates certain basic issues which face all men – persistent problems which each man in every age must try to solve. Each program first poses a basic question and then presents some of the enduring … on that question. Although the series draws no conclusions, the programs deal with each of the following six areas: the nature of man, man and society, the political life of man, creativity and the arts, the scientific life of man, and the philosophical life of man. Several of the programs make extensive use of very imaginative and symbolic settings; several are half-hour plays."