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American memoir

12 episodes, 1961, WTTW (Chicago)

From WNET:

"The ins and outs of advertising, radio, bestsellers, architecture, and automobiles are probed, analyzed, and enjoyed by Dr. John Dodds in a new series from WTTW, Chicago. American Memoir consists of twelve richly illustrated television essays that range over a wide field of topics and a time span of more than sixty years. In an easy, conversational style, Dr. Dodds looks at the triumphs and mistakes, idols, dreams, and disillusionment of the American people as these have been reflected in our books, movies, homes, and magazines. He uses sketches and portraits prepared especially for this series; he brings back the old, phonograph records, magazines, advertisements, and even the Model T. Ford to recreate the periods and recapture the moods of the last six decades."