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America looks abroad

24 episodes, 1957, WTTW (Chicago)

From WNET:

"'America Looks Abroad' is divided into four sections: (1) six programs on Africa; (2) five programs on international organizations; (3) seven programs on the other Americas; and (4) six programs on the making of foreign policy.  Individual program data on the last two sections will be forthcoming at a later date.

Once called the Dark Continent, Africa now is engulfed in a rising tide of national ism that is bringing new nations to the face of the earth, burgeoning old issues into fresh violence, and boding more troubles for the future.  In Africa live 210 million people – black, brown and white, of European, Asian and jungle blood.  It is a land of grinding poverty and of the world’s wealth of diamonds, gold and uranium.  The six programs here offer the story of a continent which is still “dark” in terms of popular impressions about it.  What happens to the peoples of Africa concerns Americans, too, and US policy as regards their nationalistic aspirations will crucially affect world opinion about this country.  Included will be a pertinent program about the recent Suez troubles.

The next five programs discuss the success and failures of international organizations.  Walls that separate nation from nation have served for all of history in the cause of war, of hatred and of violent rivalry.  And for all of history, there have been men who have tried to pull down these walls.  By treaty, by confederation, by union, by organization, these efforts have influenced the course of world affairs – exercises influence, sometimes evil, more often, beneficial.  Leading authorities discuss important implications of the organizations and view them in perspective.  “America Looks Abroad” was produced for the Center by WTTW, Chicago."