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A Time to Dance

9 episodes, 1960, WGBH (Boston)

From WNET:

"A TIME TO DANCE is a series of nine programs which serve to introduce the audience to the three major dance forms – modern, ballet, and ethnic.  Hostess-commentator Martha Myers and a distinguished group of dancers explain and illustrate the differences between each form, their special qualities and traditions, and their relations to each other through common sources.  The dancers and Miss Myers perform excerpts from noteworthy dances, and discuss different attitudes towards the life and work of a dancer.  In addition to performances by such well-known dancers as a Maria Tallchief, Andre Eglevsky, Jose Limon, Nora Kaye and Geoffrey Holder, Miss Myers uses early prints and unusual films of earlier artists such as Anna Pavlova and Ruth St. Denis to trace the changing look of dance."