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This version of the Class Scrap was a game of Capture the Flag. Note the student atop the pole trying to save the flag.
Broadside Regarding the Class Scrap.

Broadside mentions the "Burning of Horace" which was the original impetus to the Class Scrap.
Broadside Regarding the Class Scrap called "Burning of Horace"
First woman student and first woman to become a member of the faculty of Indiana University.

Morrison came to Indiana University in 1867 and graduated with the AB degree in 1869. From 1873 thru 1875 she was an Adjunct Professor of English…
Pages two and three of the 1829 catalog. Page four is blank.
1st page of the 1829 catalog (folio). This is the first known catalog of Indiana University. Note that the catalog also mentions the University's first President, Andrew Wylie.
The class motto above the image of the campus reads, in full: "VINCIT QUI PATITUR".

The image of two buildings at center shows the last two building on the old Seminary Campus that was located at Second Street and College Avenue. The building on the…
This is the only known image of members of the Class of 1856. The only copy of the image within the IU Archives comes from a newspaper article, without citation, dated October 16, 1966. The caption below the image reads, in full: "Class of '56. Would…
This image shows the first gymnasium that was built in 1892. After the first Assembly Hall was built in 1896 this building was used as a carpenter shop. This building was located four feet west and seventy-one feet north of Owen Hall.

This building…
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