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The view is west northwest from the roof of the Wylie House at 307 East Second Street. The large building just right of center is the old Bloomington Public School (a.k.a. City High School, a.k.a. Central School) located on College Avenue just south…
The view is west through Dunn's Woods. Kirkwood Avenue can be seen just to left of center. One can also see the tower of the old Monroe County Courthouse just to the right of the tree at center.
Bottom row, far left) O.H. Williams, (Bottom row, 6th from left) John C. Breedlove. (Second row, 2nd from left) John R. Carney, (Second row, 7th from left) Hiroto Ichinomiya, (Second row, sitting on wall and looking toward right side of image) Jesse…
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