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For a short time and due to a housing shortage, the board room / conference room in the President's Office was used to house students. The student population at I.U. more than doubled after the end of World War II.
Wells welcoming World War II veterans who will be living in the board room / conference room during the the housing shortage
(l to r) Wilfred Lusher, Frances King, Marilyn Seward, Jules Hendricks, Blanche Schultz, Lorraine Holsinger, Robert Lucas, Ed Stuart, Sol Blickman, Jane Shabinger, Betty Lou Grimsley, Ed Fleener, Mary Ellen Hazel, Mary Oskard, Laddie Marin, Leona…
Herman B Wells on the day of his appointment as President
(R to L) Alan Mitchell, Lawrence M. Langer, Franz Kurie, Jackson Laslett.
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