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One student marshal raises his hand, while another holds up his band. This is most likely in preparation to the student rally on May 6, 1970.
A student holding up a sign that says "STRIKE", during a student rally.
IU Students march, 14 across, through the Indiana University Memorial Union parking lot, on May 6, 1970. (check this for accuracy)
A portrait of IU Chancellor Byrum E. Carter.
This image scanned from page 1 of the March 20, 1970 issue of The Indiana Daily Student. The caption reads, in full: "Winners, but... APPARENT WINNERS in the I.U. Student Body Presidential election, Keith Parker (right) and Mike King, rejoice as the…
A portrait of IU President Joseph Sutton, sitting, at his desk.
This image appears on page 16 of the December/January 1946 issue of the Indiana Alumni Magazine.

Running with ball is Melvin H. Groomes
As part of the Boress this year, a "Queen of the Cadavers" was chosen from the crowd of med students. She was crowned with a wreath of bones and had the honor of presiding over the Skeleton Club dance.

There are seven women on the stage. The third…
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