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Flyer distributed at Dunn Meadow during the 1969 class boycott stating the protesters' demands and affirming their peaceful intentions.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations - IU Campus - May 1969."
Flyer handed out during the April 30, 1969 student rally outside of Owen Hall. The flyer encourages students to boycott classes for the next two days and to return home to spread word about the students' cause.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference…
Newspaper article describing the various proposals from student leaders on how to combat fee hikes at IU.

Taken from the IU Archives' reference file "Student Demonstrations Jan/June 1969."
Newspaper cartoon depicting IU President Joseph Sutton as a used car salesman, in reference to the ongoing problems with the University budget and student fee hikes. The ax in the picture refers to a previous incident where Sutton dramatically…
Newspaper article recounting Indiana Governor Edgar D. Whitcomb's response to student agitation over proposed fee hikes. Whitcomb did not believe that the fee hikes were the real cause of the protests, instead pointing at mysterious "out-of-state…
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