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Cambodia Strikes: Afterword, May 7

Indiana Daily Student, May 8, 1970, page 1

Kent State Memorial 

2,000 members of the I.U. community joined together on Thursday May 7 to mourn the deaths of the four students during the Kent State tragedy. Four candles, one for each student, were lit at the memorial service.  Two faculty members from Kent State spoke at the memorial. In addition to the guest speakers, Keith Parker expressed his sentiments regarding the tragedy: "Because it (an incident like the one at Kent State) didn't happen yesterday, that doesn't mean it won't happen today or tomorrow… Four beautiful people at Kent State were brutally murdered. We have tried to maintain life on this campus because some of us believe human life is important."

I.U. Chancellor Byrum Carter also expressed his concerns:  “In our own communities we face each other with passion and rage. We live in fear where we should be in confidence and distrust each other before we even try to know each other… We do not talk to each other, but if we do, we do not listen. If this is not changed, there is no way to insure that Kent State will not occur again.”

Thursday Pickets

Pickets started forming around 11 am in front of Woodburn and Ballantine Halls. Several other buildings throughout the campus were also picketed, including the music, education, psychology, and business buildings. The largest pickets though were at Ballantine and Woodburn Halls, where 50 to 75 individuals stood firm.  Various calls such as "Don't go to class", "Don't support the murder in Cambodia", "Show your solidarity with the murdered students at Kent State by boycotting classes", and "Shut it down" were heard during the demonstrations.